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    Akil Dawkins - Sketchbook

    Hey all,

    My name is Akil and I work professionally as 3D game artist. However more recently I'm starting to wish that I had gone to school for industrial design instead of 3D. I've never been happy with the consistency of my drawing and I think studying I.D. would have greatly helped with that. Anyway, at my current job I do 80 percent 3D and only 20 percent design. As we hire new artists I'm going to spend a year working on my design drawing at home, then eventually I'll move on to interiors and exterior concept painting and beyond. So that hopefully I will be able to easily transition into primarily a design roll. My goal for this sketchbook is to see dramatic overall improvement, in one year.

    All of these drawings and paintings are done after work at home. I'll be drawing in the evening at least 3 times a week(wow that sounds tiring already). I'm also taking a basic trans design class next month so we'll see how this year goes! Any crits or comments are welcome!

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