Sitting here at work staring at the Animation Collaboration and Contest thread wondering when on Odin's Midgard it will open when I thought, Why dont we start some ideas up now! So when our glorious moderators decide it is a good idea to let us animators play with the big boys of CHOW COW and the others we have some things to start the ball rolling!

Also I am bored as Shit.

So this little thread will be Ideas for the Collab/Contest thread of:
-Animated Shorts
-Animation Pencil Tests (ex. different types of walks etc.)
-The inbetween Challenge (saw this on another sight before an example being do a walk at 100fps)
-Style tests (do an animation using only shades of blue, doing it in a certain animators style)
-Character Design (not just for those painters these are for more cartoon characters!)
-Layout Challenges
-Storyboard Challenges
-Different Visual Effects Challenges
-Anything else you think would be neat to compete with!