Attempting to buy videos from the store
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Thread: Attempting to buy videos from the store

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    Attempting to buy videos from the store

    So I was looking for pick up a video or two from the store. One of which I could find (Jason Chan, character design) and another I couldn't. The second in that series, the hero I can't even find. The problem I'm having is actually buying the video...I click on add to shoves me over to I'm thinking okay...just another account to sign up for before I can put through my purchase. It's different than the last time, but oh well, they've added a new system. So I sign up for an account and that's it. It just ends there. Anyone else having these problems? Another (legal) place I can buy these vids? Anyone who could help me out...that would be great, thanks.

    On a side note...why is it so hard to buy things from TAD? I didn't have this problem the last time

    If this is the wrong part of the forums, someone let me know and I'll move to the proper one. Thanks.

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