I heard this was the holy grail of oil painting books and hey geuss what? That's what I'm looking for.
Well I got super excited (the price is an issue, but with all my graduation money it's not a big deal and I can still get it). I went to the site to order it but it didn't work. Luckily I didn't order it yet though because I searched and I see a lot of people don't like it??

I haven't seen this book, and I'm buying it blind (not at local libraries/bookstores).

I heard he doesn't say any how-to's, or demonstrations which was partially waht I was looking for. The other thing was I just wanted to learn all about edges/values/etc etc. I'm sure he covers the last half well, but I take it because he's so advanced he doesnt dwoddle in how-to's or step by step guides for painting.

Can someone please give me more indepth info on this book so I should know if i really should get it or not (i'm a new oil painter. Here's my latest if its any judge on my style/newb level...
http://www.gitrdone.net/zaphod/painting/lemons.jpg )

If you believe this book is good, even though it doesnt have how-to's, could you suggest another book which has good demonstrations (i looked at some in the bookstores and they sucked. It was like how to paint kindergarden flowers.. blah).
I'm not looking for STEP by STEP.. but I'm never sure if i should start with darks/lights, or how to apply paint - that sort of thing.

I hope you got allt hat :o