Attention all ChOW-ers

Due to a number of changes to my job recently, it is becoming increasingly difficult to run ChOW alone. There are a number of things I would like to change about the challenge but unfortunately time has not been on my side and I have been unable to complete the changes myself. Therefore I am looking for two new mods to help bring ChOW up to its former glory!

Before you all rush out to fill my inbox it's worth pointing out that ChOW takes time and patience. Being a mod is not just about picking cool topics and posting the odd thread, it's also about helping people, especially new artists. This includes answering any private messages you might be sent, as well as keeping an eye on the threads themselves. Mods are also mediators. We do not incite drama and need to be prepared to step into volatile situations without taking a side or being biased towards friends.

However it's not all negative. Being a mod can be very rewarding and a great way to play more of a role within the art community, including interacting with people you might otherwise not have.

If you are interested in volunteering please make note of the following and then drop me a PM with the title: I wanna be a ChOW MOD!

1) Have participated in previous ChOW rounds up to and including the finals stage
2) Be available on the day the finals thread is posted (This day will be decided amongst the new Mods)
3) Be available on the poll/new topic day (This will also be decided amongst the new mods)
4) Be active at various points throughout the week to monitor the threads
5) Have SKYPE (This will be used to co-ordinate between the Mods)
6) Be available for a Mod meeting on Skype once a week on a predetermined day. (Meeting will be approximately 30 minutes to an hour)
7) Be prepared to work AS A TEAM! This one is particularly important. If you aren't pulling your weight, you will be removed as a mod.

Please be sure to include a little bit of information about yourself in your PM and why you are interested in being a mod.