The perfect Brush Calibration
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    The perfect Brush Calibration

    I discovered something interesting about brush calibration, that maybe you havent notice it yet, you might find my experience useful , because brush tracking its a real hard topic with not much data to find over the net, the solution was so simple, read my story.

    Long time ago i, a couple of years, i suggested a brush calibration panel for each brush in the wish list for painter 12, i got excited because in painter 12 was added, i remember literally having tears of joy, now i will be able to stop calibrating brushes over and over again, i was wrong.

    Started giving each brush a brush tracking on their own, the brushes felt right, finally, so i started working with them i was really happy, but some how my brain felt something was completely wrong, brush tracking felt unnatural to my hand.

    The next day, brushes didnt felt as the past day, started to think painter had a bug on brush calibration, because brushes didnt felt right. So started to change spacing, brush settings, well controls, sizes, nibs, i tried all.

    Brushes felt right for a few hours, then started to feel unnatural again, i was getting insane, so i said this got to be a wacom driver problem, so installed and uninstalled tons of drivers versions. Again Brushes felt right for a couple of hours, then they felt entirely wrong.

    Never got this problem in past painters, why the pen feel so Alien to my hand. Did Painter 12 came with a hidden bug.

    Then an idea hit me, and i cant believe it worked. Been using this brush tracking setting and my brain and hand feels so natural in all brushes.

    Let me explain it in details why it works on my work flow.

    Im the type of guy that dont work with just 3 brushes, im the type of guy that works with more than 15 brushes, and change of brush every ten seconds, if you work like me then this calibration will save your hand problems.

    My brain its like a floppy disk, i have trouble to get adjusted, the problem with customized brush tracking on each brush, its that your brain needs to memorize also how hard you have to press the pen to get the effect you want, in past corel painters the answer was so simple because you only had one brush tracking, so you brain only memorized one, so you didnt had any problem by changing tons of brushes so quickly. But, some brushes behaved in a way you didnt wanted, like dropping to much color and stuff like that.

    Picture it this way, painter new brush tracking panel makes brushes behave more realistic, but because the tons of different media, makes your brain hard to adjust. Its not like traditional media were you dont work as fast as digital for example; if you are working with a 6h pencil then change to a 6b your brain needs a bit of time to calibrate your personal calibration inside your head, so you have to do a couple of strokes to make your inner brush calibration perfect.

    Now picture this, imagine you are doing an oil painting, then put the brush down, grab an ink pen give a stroke, drop the pen, grab a pencil 6b do more strokes, drop it, grab sprays more strokes, drop it, grab some water color more strokes. Al this changes in less than 10 seconds, your brain will get nuts, because you cant calibrate your mind as fast as you change the brushes, in real life, will take you to do a couple of strokes until you felt its right, i mean if will be impossible to change from pencil to oil and to water color in less than 20 seconds, so you are basically burning your brain out, like in my case because sadly i have a floppy disk for a brain.

    So working with past corel painter softwares were easier because you only had one brush calibration, so switching from brush to brush wont make a big deal because you will use the same pen pressure, so you dont have to burn out your brain to remember how hard you must press the brush to get the desired effect.

    So here is my Solution, ive been doing this for 3 days, and now i feel great, no need to change brush calibration anymore, painter 12 works perfectly now.

    The solution is this, i recommend you to try it, go to brush tracking and give a middle brush tracking setting to all brushes on edit preferences, i mean middle range, like pressure scale(pen) 0.75 or even 0.90 depends, set it to the the way you feel more comfortable of doing light strokes and hard strokes easily, set the pressure power bar to a middle setting the one you like like 2.0 or 2.24, i mean create the standard setting that you are going to love.

    This setting will be an universal setting for the brushes you felt right lets say 80% of the brushes you dont need to read just. Now here its the magic trick.

    Remember to KEPT pressure scale the SAME in all brushes with custom brush tracking, keeping this setting the same in all custom brushes will make your brain to rest in peace every time you change the brush, because you dont have to break your head anymore to remember how hard you must push your hand and pen against the tablet, no more trouble no more pain, all brushes will feel the same.

    But the other part of the trick its this, you can control the behave of the brush by moving the last bar pressure power, this bar controls how much ink or color will be released of how hard you press the pen, if you want the brush to behave with a longer and controlled stroke move the bar till 4, less control and fast use of paint, move it a bit down to 3.5 or 2.36 all depends on your likes . But remember in personal brush calibration remember to keep pressure scale the same.

    Why this settings worked for me?,simple, because i use same hand pressure in each brush, but different color paint reaction to the canvas, that means i can bring out the best of each brush without over heating my brain with different hand pressures on the pen.

    This had bring more armony to my workflow, because i use to many brushes in so less time so i dont waste time memorizing each hand pressure for each brush because all brushes use the same, but each brush has their own color effect reaction to the canvas.

    After this settings i never touched brush calibration anymore, it had bring me peace.

    Hope this helps you out if you have same problem like me.

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    Ah interesting and make sense. I'm the same as you. At least when I need to texture. Generally I use about 3 or 5 depending what I'm doing to start out with. But I don't have a lot of trouble with my hand being tricked because the main ones I use for rendering are pretty easy for me since I know what they're going to do. I haven't bothered with the custom settings but I think I might now adjust the pressure sensitivity now for one of them now that your brought this up.

    Anyways doesn't help me to much since I set my texture brushes in a way where pressure really doesn't matter except for a few where it adds a little blur to it (through bleed) but yah awesome post you made.

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