So I have a pretty good understanding of what Contrapposto is but one thing that will throw me off every time when I draw is the level of the knees when the hip is tilted to one side and both feet are firmly on the ground. Or if one foot is one the ground and the other leg is on it's toes, or if one leg is straight and the other is bent and both feet are on the ground. I've tried looking at models but it still confuses me. Is there any web source or book out the that explains this mechanic in great detail most articles I read on the topic cover the shoulders and hips counter balancing one another and maybe talk about the head. But I've found nothing in regards to what the legs are doing or more importantly the knees. I usually assume that the knees are always straight if both feet are on the ground but I've come to realize that my lower body proportions always look incorrect so in short. Help!!!