Umbravita - yeah looking at it now i can see the glasses don't even look straight! I got lazy on that part and it shows - thanks for pointing it out 8)

- thanks for stopping by! The figures are from ref/stock photos on the net I'm looking into a local life drawing class, its 100 for the course though so I'm having to save up at the moment before I can sign on. Thank you for your comment on colours! I really appreciate that, I'll try to incorporate some of what you said in my next studies. I hadn't heard of the 5-value system before (should I be ashamed? XD ) but I've looked it up and will try to practice that with pencils soon. thanks again!!

Nowio - thanks for your comment! yeah I agree about the proportions, so much to work on I should really just spend a few days doing nothing but hands. but I keep getting distracted argh! lol

- hey you're welcome! and thanks for stopping by here thanks v much!

kevin_ - thanks! I feel like I'm not doing enough though lol

Joaru - thanks v much Its hard for me to tell if the studies are making any difference to be honest, but then thats why I'm keeping this sb thread, so I can look back and one day hopefully see the improvement myself!

- you are welcome! keep it up & thanks!!

Lost Shock
- thanks ! the sp looks a bit flat to me now. but I think I was trying too hard to get a good likeness instead of rendering form properly. I think I should have done it b&w, ah well next time! Thanks, I'll try to do some more from imagination 8)

So I've been a bit slack lately.. this is what I have to show for the last week or so.
Spent way too long on this stupid painting, I wanted to take a break from drawing and then got sucked into this, which I hate now anyway. Its boring and it still looks FLAT ARGH. I made myself finish it because I thought leaving it would have been worse after wasting all that time in the first place.

Name:  0411-sml.jpg
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quick enviro study from a photo ref after finding some new brushes to play with. I tried to lay out the colours with the hard brush first.
Name:  4.jpg
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mix of loomis, bridgeman, studies from refs/quickposes and some from imagination. I did some drawing on the bus but it was so bumpy it looks like horrendous scribblings so I didn't bother scanning those lol. On the loomis page I forgot to prop my sketchbook up, I think that might have contributed to the stretchy heads a bit xD

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allen schezar wat lol

Name:  Scan20004.jpg
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Name:  Scan20003.jpg
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tried to do some actual legs with feet on the ends from my head!
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New WIP.. trying to be a bit looser.
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