Sketchbook: ani's dusty sketchbook
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    ani's dusty sketchbook

    Hi all

    I've been a long-time lurker of we're talking years of lurking! I've always been intimidated by how good you guys are. I always wanted to post but was too nervous.

    But now I'm trying hard to get over myself because I am 100% dedicated to improving my portfolio to a professional level. So I humbly appreciate any and all constructive crits you guys can give.

    Because I want this SB to later on show my (hopefully) improved art, I'm gonna post a few pics that are a bit old but that at the time were the best I could do, but now make me want to put them through the digital shredder, haha!

    So my aims are to learn to paint environments, FULL backgrounds and proper compositions, correct anatomy... basically I know that I need to work on everything.
    I've also been trying to spend around 30mins every day doing some posemaniac/quickposes sketching. There's a lot I want to start on but I'm trying to keep my focus on one area at a time...

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    I have a bunch of sketchbook pages I plan to post, will try to scan them in later on

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