Hi there,

I never knew this section existed until now. So I'm super excited to have someone review my portfolio.

Back Story: Two years ago I quit my job as a graphic designer to become a personal trainer (after years of hating office work and wondering what the hell else to do). I left the town I'd lived in for the previous 8 years and moved back in with my parents. Turns out that being a PT also sucked, so I had a life review and realised that, all along, since childhood, my passion was to paint environements for films (and to a lesser extent, games).

My goal is something along these lines: 2d environment artist for games, environment concept artist for film or maybe trading cards, matte painter. Also maybe a 3d visualiser for movie/tv sets but this is a rare role indeed.

I'm currently working on speed concepts because most of my work takes around 1-2 weeks, which is a big problem. The below dusky castle scene is among the first of such practise pieces and that took half a day.

I hate to sound ungrateful or egotistical in any way but I'd really like feedback from someone IN the industry or who is better than me. Although all opinions are great, I very very rarely find a pro to give me feedback, and as I need to turn professional as soon as possible, I'm quite desperate for such help! Thanks!

More examples available at www.stayinwonderland.com