Hi! I'm a Korean student who want to be a student of SVA. I wish to apply SVA, Pratt, Parsons, FIT, Heartwick, and St.J. I know that my eng skill is not good but I'll try my best. My major is photography. I already reviewed my portfolio at studio. Only problem is the essay or statement of intent. Most of college said discuss reasons for pursuing undergraduate study in college.

I felt stupid for past 3 and half years. because I focused on phonography not study. I interested deeply in photography that what is my unique color but study poorly in high school. Even I got 75 or 80, I felt nothing. During the time, Many photographers that I saw in internet were inspire me that what is unique color. One of the photographer said take a trip to get inspiration. So I moved on my plan to go to Boston and Washington D.C. Everyone, who were my friends and family thought I am stupid person. Of course. I went there by myself. I was proud. also I learned that to take photo, find an object that could be describe or imagine in places that I looked up. This way was how I got experiment for many years.

NY city is one of best artistic city in the world. Most of photographers are come from NY city also. I believe that I wish to study here for photography. Their experiment and idea are unique. SVA is one of unique college that I believe in. Learning the photography in SVA should be good chance to me. When I went to studio in NY city, one of them looked up my photos and said These are good pictures. No one didn't say about my photos but him. This moment was strongly encourage me to apply SVA. I want to be a photographer to take picture of people in many countries and to take picture of nature or environment that I want to recognize.

I know my pursuing section is not good. but could you help me which direction should I write?? I can add more.