Trying to get into sheridan for the 2nd time (last time I applied was 2010)

Any previous successful applicants, I would love any criticism you can provide for my work, I'll keep posting ore overtime. Right now I haven't decided which pieces I'm putting for the final yet, I might re do all of them soon if I have to. Whatever it takes!

Life drawing: Name:  figure 001.jpg
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Size:  41.1 KBName:  gesture 001.jpg
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animal: Name:  jaguar.jpg
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Size:  39.0 KBName:  jaguar 001.jpg
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hand: Name:  hands.jpeg
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Size:  178.3 KBName:  hands001.jpeg
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character: only rough design variations for now, I haven't decided which one i'm gonna use yet! Name:  chara.jpg
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Size:  39.6 KBName:  chara 003.jpg
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Size:  21.3 KBName:  chara 004 copy.jpg
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