Art: ceramic paperclay _ rabbit
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Thread: ceramic paperclay _ rabbit

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    ceramic paperclay _ rabbit

    This is my first time using paperclay.
    It offers advantages over the regular ceramic clay,
    at least for the carver / sculptor.
    Drying is quick and easy, no fear of cracks developing.
    Dry pieces can be 'glued' together using a clay slurry
    and it can be worked in more flexible manner than ceramic clay.
    Also, firing at normal ceramic rates doesn't lead to work exploding in the kiln.
    Down side is that it does release smoke during the firing as the paper fibers burn off.

    I made my own paperclay by mixing in dampened wood cellulose fibers into low firing clay.
    About 1/3 volume of wet fibers to a hunk of moist clay. Mixed with a paint mixer on a drill.
    Kneaded on a plaster slab to dry it to sculpting firmness.
    It can be purchased already mixed.
    Another source of paper fibers is the blown in insulation or even toilet paper can be used.
    You can find all kinds of info on this on the web and youtube.

    "Half Wild"
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    Name:  ceramicRabbit.jpg
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    Name:  ceramicRabbit_2.jpg
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Size:  31.5 KB clear glaze over underglaze colours

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    thinning the glazes with water allowed more of the detail to show through
    the glaze readily absorbed into the green paperclay
    several coats made a darker colour
    the bark and rabbit are the same colour only used differently

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    the base was made by using a cardboard support that was removed before firing
    the rabbit was formed hollow, without armature
    his underbelly is actually open
    head and belly closed in last

    single fired to cone 06

    intended as part of a garden sculpture grouping, for next spring
    but it got claimed by the wife

    Ceramic paperclay offers a good alternative to the polymer clays.
    Especially if you plan have it fired by a ceramics place.
    Many ceramic sculptures will explode in the commercial firing cycles as moisture finds it hard to escape quickly enough.
    Paperclay helps reduce the risk of this happening.
    if there are thick areas or it is large size, drying thoroughly and then
    baking the clay at home at 225 deg. F for a couple hours,
    might be a good precaution, just the same.

    If you have your own kiln you can do this in the kiln before firing.

    hopefully a few will find this useful


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