These are more or less some watercolor sketches I've done, to improve my coloring ability, which was previously (very) lacking.

The first three are/were for a school project, and I don't have the originals with me, only the prints I made. So, they look worse as a picture from a print, but get the general idea. We had to title them to. I hate titling things. Almost as much as I hate watercolors (and suck at them). So anyways, the quality (of the pictures, but especially the pictures of them, is very shaky). 1st is goauche with colored pencils, 2nd and 3rd are watercolor with colored pencils over them.

1. The Baby-Doll is Mine.

2. Texas Madonna

3. Mist?

Ok. Good. Now I don't have to name them, and will just post sketches with watercolors (+colored pencil over them).

She was originally having sex, vaguely, but I decided that since I did it during school (art) it probably wasn't a good idea. so anyways. whatever.

Anyways, yeah. I'm still developing, obviously. Just turned 16. This site makes me depressed. Still...

Anyways, of course, critiques are really appreciated (as in, tear me up / kill my crits please)