Thank you so much mate, I just wanted to say I already have about six hand drawings (More if you include the ones not done for the portfolio but as a study) Should I post em now? I am also going to look up the book you suggested a long with Norling( I prefer the older books, heck I really feel like Bridgman although his books are intimidating helped through a lot of constructive figure drawings). I am just wondering though, am I allowed to use planes even though I also use basic shapes for hand construction because I've noticed a lot of people include the box sort of approach to drawing the hands. I combined the ball joint cylindrical method(found in Hogarth's books) with George Bridgman's plane method to constructing hands so far that is working best for me. For personal artwork(although it weighs the least and is the easiest) I am thinking of using surrealistic fine arts style of arts and I was wondering if that was alright? I am also wondering if any of you are on a second attempt to applying, and whether or not it is easy to pass the academic part of the application?