This will be a bit of an art dump, recent & old.
No real order. Crit away!
I've ben told my main downfall is using black too much and textures in the wrong places and too early.
My attempts at matte painting
Name:  Apocalpse1-copyLowResCGS.jpg
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Size:  496.2 KBName:  Apocalpse2-SmallCGS.jpg
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Painted in an afternoon with my friend helping my break my bad habbits!Name:  Experimenting-copyCGS.jpg
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Got a new hair brush so made this guy
Name:  fox-ya-see-rudeyCGS.jpg
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1hr Speed paintName:  Monster1CGS.jpg
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Very old attempt at a more cartoony styleName:  octopus-copyCGS.jpg
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Speed paint of Mr Maul Name:  sketch-2-copyCGS.jpg
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Paintover of a friends 3d mountain scene, added i the characters, snow and the buildings at the backName:  snowwyCGS.jpg
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Speed study of cave looking at tone and lightName:  speedcaveCGS.jpg
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Sped paint of a creatureName:  squiggle-monster2CGS.jpg
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StudiesName:  579034_372884622746844_276605455708095_1007936_500002377_n.jpg
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Size:  100.7 KBName:  579410_373536782681628_276605455708095_1009569_2129768366_n.jpg
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Size:  99.9 KBName:  SL01CGS.jpg
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Size:  195.1 KBName:  SL04CGS.jpg
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