So as you all might have guessed from the title my question is basically how do you guys do it?

Now as I could have asked this question on a life management website's forum I figured I would ask a community of people who are a bit more qualified to answer this because all of us share the same passion for art and most of you can relate to what I am going through. Right now I am dedicating 8+ hours a day to drawing (mostly the human figure) on my days off of work. I am a strong believer in practice makes perfect and in my opinion time not spent drawing is time that could be spent doing it and bettering yourself. To make a long story short I could always draw well but I kind of goofed off in high school and wasted a lot of time not doing anything art related and now that I am 24 years old and getting serious about my life and career I am trying to make up for lost time.

The thing is my family and friends are starting to realize that I have all but dropped off of the face of the earth because I spend so much time practicing. It's starting to upset them and I feel really bad and try to explain to them this is only temporary until I have a solid grasp on everything I draw. My question for all of you is how do you guys do it and does it get easier for you when it comes to working and drawing in the industry are the demands too much do you even have time for anything else?

I ultimately would like to be a concept artist and illustrator for video games so this question is mainly directed to the people working in the business already or have the same passion I do and spend endless hours practicing like myself. If drawing is just a hobby for you and you aren't working in the industry please don't reply no disrespect