Hi ,everybody!

I'm new here, but have been posting on Deviant art for sometime. I'm a an amateur art lover, who sketches a drawing, or an illustration using whatever tool is on hand, whenever i feel like it.

I have been advised by a DA member to checkout this great community, and so i stumbled upon you guys, and WOW do i feel like home here!

Looking at the level of skill and talent showcased here, i feel humbled.. yet, i look forward to learn more, be inspired, and hopefully hone my skills and raw talent.

Here are some of my sketches:

Line drawing using an ink pen.

Name:  cedars%20of%20lebanon.jpg
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Name:  Fruits.jpg
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Name:  Mountain_tranquility_by_MEpainter.jpg
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Name:  Rainy_by_MEpainter.jpg
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Name:  River_by_MEpainter.jpg
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Name:  Rugged_Mountains_by_MEpainter.jpg
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Any critiques are welcome.