Lana Studios - What are we?

Lana Studios is a community of artists. This site's creation was motivated by the fact that in todays art industry (film/animation/illustration/music/writing) it's all about who you know. Company loyalty has become a relic of the past. The emphasis is now more than ever put on the relationships you make with the people you work with.

"In the film/animation industry you work with the same people, just the producers change."

This site provides a place for artists of all disciplines to show their work to potential employers and more importantly to each other. We provide a place for people to make those vital connections needed to survive in the industry.

Unlike the massive job placement sites like and the likes we are building a much closer community. When is the last time two people from got together to work on a project? Each artist has their own personal resume/gallery but more importantly groups formed from the individual artists also have a place to show their work.

Currently Lana Studios is very small, which is good. We are actively recruiting new artists every week. In the future it is not absurd to see artists from this site being commissioned to do work for other production companies. Ultimately Lana Studios itself could become a production company and work on projects ranging from big Hollywood productions to local company logo design.

To conclude, Lana Studios is about the artists. More specifically its about the artists being exposed to each other'. Talk of "industry" and "" is dealing with the issue of MONEY and employment. This site is definitely not about that. In the end we are a community of artists who love what we do and have an interest in making connections with others who share our love.

Director and Founder,
Matt Workman

If this "manifesto" has sparked your interest visit our developing community at We are accepting members applications at