This is a commission for a friend, and I've been fighting this composition for ages. It's a scene from a D&D game; his character, an orc, ended up treed by some celestial dire wolves and somehow managed to fight them from the tree with his scythe.

After dozens of thumbnails trying to figure out how you would fight wolves on the ground with a scythe from a tree, I sort of gave up and ended up with this comp, a lull in the action. This is basically a colour thumb; I haven't shot ref yet (what little ref I can, for an angle like this) or done any detailed perspective work. Not looking for crits on specific anatomy or anything at this stage.

The big thing I'm struggling with right now are the relative sizes. This isn't just a guy treed by wolves, it's an orc treed by celestial dire wolves, which I assume would be kind of big? But getting the relative sizes to read while still keeping the exaggerated perspective, well... I'm not sure it's reading. Not to mention it doesn't look like he's particularly high up right now, I think. Any tips on that - or anything else - before I move on to the final drawing would be a huge help.

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