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Thread: Wannabe's wannabe sketchbook

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    Wannabe's wannabe sketchbook

    So I found myself obsessed with art again but I've always liked to draw every
    now and then. The notion increasses when I see anything about art and animation
    and how it's made (animation that is). It really strikes a bone when I visit Disney's
    Hollywood Studio's. The Pixar story always gets me, but I've been doing this since
    I was a kid back when Star Wars was in the movie theater. (oops did I just date myself?)

    I recall, when I was younger, wanting and attempting to draw comic books like Marvel.
    I spent some time working through a book on drawing Marvel comics which I found through
    a "Marvel Try Out" book. That book too, I tried to work through. Both books were about
    producing and drawing comics, The Marvel Way. The idea behind the "Try Out" book was
    that you submitted your work to Marvel as per the book. If Marvel liked it they could
    potentially grant you a job. Something, I thought at the time, would be really cool.

    Yet, a certain quality was simply not there. I saw a difference in my work than what
    was produced there and what other artist could produce. I saw all artist had similar qualities,
    that I simply lacked. I often thought to myself, that I was not cut out for it. I received
    compliments from friends, family, and other artists; so, I kept at it from time to time.
    I also felt that I could not draw on demand. I had to feel it. I also felt that it took me
    way longer than most to produce work that I was satisfied with.

    I also enjoyed drawing practically anything from life. So I would draw anything and
    everything. Again, I never thought my work to be of any quality though; especially,
    in seeing other artist that I would compare myself with. I often thought they were
    way more talented than I was. It seemed that I was working too hard and these
    guys made it look so easy. Plus, my work was never consistent which I chalked up
    to never have really worked at it. Sometimes, I can produce something satisfying
    by accident which would be motivating but it is far and few between.

    You see, most of my work came from "copying" and not from my imagination. I can follow
    a step by step process in a book and produce a great image, or re-produce someones
    line work but I never considered that good enough. I can follow Youtube instruction
    pretty well; also, producing some stuff that I like. But to draw from my own mind
    is where I want to be. To be able to draw something of quality on demand. I randomly
    do produce something that I feel is ok, yet, not great, but ok. There is vast difference
    in my work between following a step by step versus drawing from my own mind.

    Now considering speed. I always thought that it took me more than twice as long to produce
    a satisfying (to me) image. Meanwhile, someone else produced the image in a fraction of the
    time. I know in industry speed is of the essence.

    So here I found this forum as my obsession is back again and I rediscovered a small artset
    that my mom had left me years ago. She is gone now, but I remember her giving this to me.
    She wasn't an artist but I guess she thought I had some talent that she would buy this for me.
    Yet, I feel my work is amateurish at best. I've had no formal training, but I've worked through
    books and understand some fundamental aspects...I think.

    But I am here to improve. To become the artist that I want to be. Perhaps there is some magic
    here that will help me weild the pencil with great might. So my goals. Ensure that my fundamentals
    are there. As I follow these step by step procedures, I want to ensure that what I am doing is
    conducive to improving. Next to be able to do the same thing from my head.

    First, I will post my past work that I found satisfying. Then I will post my current work that
    I've done this year. Finally, I will be doing studies. Anything of any level of satisfaction will
    be posted for your review. Though, I am a little intimidated by the quality of work that I have
    seen in this forum, I think this is a good way for me to learn and practice my art.

    I'm currently working on Loomis set to hopefully sharpen my skills. At the same time playing
    with pastels and drawing random things. Is that too much?

    So hello friends and I look forward for your critique...

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