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    Interface Artist! - is this new?

    Hey guys, I thought you might wanna check this out.
    We all know there is such a thing as Illustrator and Concept Artist, but I think this sounds like something pretty fresh: Interface Artist.
    This is from Blizzard Entertainment "JOBS" section:

    "Interface Artist [Blizzard North]

    Blizzard North, the developer of Diablo and Diablo II, is looking for an artist skilled at creating interface art. The interface artist contributes to the design of the game's interface and creates all related 2D artwork. Additionally, the interface artist will be called upon to texture 3D assets, as well as contribute to concept design when needed. The ideal candidate has outstanding graphic design and illustration skills.

    Blizzard North offers a fun, creative, and technically rewarding environment with competitive compensation and a full range of benefits.

    Required Qualifications

    Outstanding graphic design skills.

    Strong illustration background.

    Superior eye for light, shade, color, and detail in creating texture maps.

    Proficiency using Adobe Photoshop or equivalent 2D paint program.

    Must work well in a team environment, receiving and giving peer reviews.

    Passion for games.

    Able to work full-time in the San Francisco Bay area.


    Strong foundation in the traditional arts, including, but not limited to, figure drawing and illustration.

    Experience creating game assets."


    I didnt know such a thing as "Interface Artist" existed, but it sounds pretty cool! Did any of you guys know about this, or is this something new?

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    Yeah, I saw that. A friend of mine I knew way back when from WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos' friend worked at Blizzard so he had a spot in all the betas. heh this same friend, all he did was create the little text boxes and text that appears over characters' or units' heads. Pretty neat, how many smaller jobs there are in the field eh

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    It's a role that has been in existence for many years, after interfaces of software became graphical. Graphic design skills are of course important. Some are even expected to know the ideas of user interface design; how to go about fitting the available functionality of the software into the interface so that it is easy and intuitive to use.
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    Yo guys, you might listen about Noel 'teknoel' Rubin, he did some pretty cool interfaces for the pod race in Star Wars: Episode 1.
    Here's a link to a interview at cgnetworks. L I N K


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    This is pretty much what I'll be doing as of Monday (only not for Blizzard). Well it's one of the things I'll be doing anyway. In addition to web graphics and the occasional print project, my primary job responsibility is interface design. I'll be working on designs for PDA application interfaces.

    It's not game design, but hopefully it's a step in that direction.

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