Hey guys~!

So with my current computer on it's last legs, I'm looking to purchase a new machine-- but I could use some help! The last time I got a computer (5 years ago) I really wasn't happy with what I ended up with because I feel like it didn't live up to my needs then, despite what knowledgeable friends said, let alone now. Basically I want something snappy that, hopefully, will age well, or at least will be receptive to upgrades... but I just don't know enough about computers in terms of their hardware. Here are my regular use programs:

On a daily basis, I'm using Photoshop/Illustrator, Poser/Daz 3D, Painter and Sketch up. I also watch a ton of videos and play a few computer games like Sims and Civilization. Any ideas where I should start? I'm doing more and more 3D modelling as time goes on...

Anyway, hope this isn't too broad a request-- any help or any reading would be much appreciated!