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Thread: Pen & Ink Tips!

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    Pen & Ink Tips!

    i just bought some pen nibs/holders, a brush and some ink, and have been having fun with em. im new to the medium and as anyone else would be im in search of tips on it. post em here if you have em!


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    Check out 'Rendering in Pen and Ink' by Arthur L. Guptill, a real classic and considered to be one of the best books on that topic.

    (ISBN: 0823045293)

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    pigment liners

    hey chris,

    just a heads up from a med illustrator that does both traditional and digital work.
    i used to use rapidiographs with the ink wells and various costly nibs as well as dipping with a hunt or gillotte style pen nib the 'old fashioned' way.
    these can be great avenues for work, especially for the dippin' style to get excellent eye-lash marks and variable line markings.
    but then that damn cost issue, upkeep/cleaning, unnecessary blobs of india ink that appear out of nowhere to f*$k things know the story.
    so what option is left? pigment liners! but not just want a liner that goes on black and scans black and maintains a good clean look.
    i can recommend only one brand that does this and i use it on a routine basis with my work and sketching: staedtler pigment liner. it's a grey pen with 5 different sizes from small to large: .005, .01, .03, .05, .07.
    and believe can still get variable line thicknesses in your work by using pressure in your wrist and hand.

    hope this helps!

    ps. almost failed to mention that they can be purchased individually or in boxes of ten and they're cheap!
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