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    First Timer

    Hi, I've been thinking of joining this site for a while but couldn't muster the courage until now. I really want to improve my mechanical design and I thought this is a good place as any to start.

    Lets see, first we got an good olŽspace nazi. I tried to give It a bit more classical feel with the modernized trenchcoat.
    Followed by a simple practice piece, generally happy with the shapes and especially the abdomen section.
    Then we got my Werker belonging to the same setting as the nazi. I tried to make It as small as possible and ended up with the idea that the pilot pretty much have to sit on his knees to fit in It.
    The jet transformer-ish robot is supposed to be a magi-tech style machine powered by all he green crystals all over Its body. Also the first transforming robot I've ever done where the transformation doesn't look all that bad.
    And finally my most recent one, the Cryne Absolu. It belongs in the same world as the Jet, but while the jet is ancient super tech the Cryne uses the same crystals for power but It is instead based on modern techniques and systems. (I tried to take inspiration from Hajime Katoki for this one)

    Any critique and feedback would be much appreciated. : )

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