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    Portrait Critique


    I have been working on this for a while now and i feel like i've reached a point where i am not able to improve it any further.
    I don't have a lot of time for art, and therefore i don't produce an awful lot of paintings. So i thought that i would gain the most from getting critique on the few things i make

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    The ear I would take another look at that. seems to have been pushed into her head and rushed. I would say its to dark as well as its facing the same way as her masseter.
    The forehead looks flat. have a look at an asaro head.
    finally the biggest thing is the neck I get the feeling that its still facing forward were the head is obviously not. No creases/compressed muscles were I would expect. them.

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    I think you can work on smoothing out the gradients in the skin. Not sure if the values are 100% correct either.
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    The places that jump out at me are the ear and the left (her right) eye. Also the strokes on the neck look less "finished" than those on the face.

    (Nice work, though, I especially like the hair!)

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    Hi Thor, how are you doing?

    Are you using a photo reference? If yes, may I see it, please?


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    Thank you for the responses! Helps a lot!
    This is a bit embarrassing .. i forgot all about the ear, totally overlooked it. Actually it is supposed to be covered by hair mostly, which is the reason why it is so dark compared to the rest of the face.

    Great points, i will look at the mentioned

    Doing fine!
    I did have a reference in the beginning but i have this bad habit when i have established the painting, i kinda forget about the ref and continue without it, and now i can't find it, sorry!

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    I think you may try to add more pen touch to make more emotional expression.Just my point.

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    Since there is dark shadow under the nose and the mouth, I feel there should be darker shadow under the chin/face too. Be sure to note how the face connects to the neck though to shade it correctly. See here: (it's a common mistake to just add shadow, one I'm guilty of myself, that's why I'm mentioning it).

    Also, the hair on the left side of her face (our right) covering her forehead looks very flat. Make sure that the hair and the shadow/highlights are following the form of the forehead.

    Also, the cheek furthest away from us looks very flat, as does her arm.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!

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