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    Petition: DC, Marvel Comics: End Rob Liefelds deluge of terrible artwork

    Petition: DC, Marvel Comics: End Rob Liefelds deluge of terrible artwork

    If you're unfamiliar with Rob Liefeld's work: The 40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings

    From Wikipedia :
    Brian Michael Bendis described the polarization of opinion on Liefeld: "There is a great dichotomy...There's either some great and generous story about [Liefeld] or you will hear some unbelievable thing like, 'How is he not in jail if he did that?' There is no middle ground."
    Liefeld has been criticized for drawing figures with exaggerated muscular anatomy, long legs and tiny feet, along with an improbable profusion of weapons, accessories, and pouches, that have been subject to parody.
    His art has also been criticized in more general terms for poor anatomy, as well as poor design and continuity in elements such as clothing, props, and proper proportions between characters and their environments...
    Liefeld is also alleged to have made a habit of swiping, or copying, art from other artists. Liefeld responded to this accusation by stating that in these instances, which he said were limited to ten, he was offering tribute to the artists of the original pieces in question, rather than plagiarizing, and compared this to the work of filmmaker Brian De Palma, who explicitly used the techniques of Alfred Hitchcock. Writer and Comics Buyer's Guide columnist Peter David responded to this rationale by pointing out that DePalma himself was criticized harshly by film critics for employing Hitchcock's techniques, and that Liefeld, who has identified himself as a "stickler" for credit, did not credit artists whose work he copied, instances of which exceeded the ten upon which Liefeld insisted. David also pointed out that some of these artists, such as John Byrne and George Pérez, did not react to this practice on Liefeld's part as a "tribute," and expressed displeasure at the degree to which Liefeld relied on their work.

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    Who cares?

    Did I just walk into a thread from 1991?

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    Is this really necessary? We've got a ton of Liefeld threads here already (this was the latest), and the likelihood of him working for DC at least anytime soon is pretty slim after his latest flameout.

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