Hi I want to get a new pc as the one i have is 6-7 years old and can barelly run cs4

my budget including the screen is 1500$

i will run photoshop, illustrator, in design, after effect and premiere pro all cs5 and obviously id like to touch cs6 this summer. I want to bennefit from the gpu accelaration if possible

so basicly im doing design and some painting work on toshop and a bit of video editing. And I want to be able to work on zbrush maya or 3dsmax if ever a client asked it or that i needed it but i doubp it. so rendering is not very important but at least to be able to render even if it takes 1 or 2 days is fine.

so here is what i have


cpu INTEL CORE I5 3570 3.40G/6M/S1155 $219.63

3 hard drive meaning 1 ssd for the programs 1 hd for storage and imput file and one hd for scratch disk and outputfiles (output input is for videos editing)
ssd 2.5 SATA3 120.0 KINGSTON SSD HYPERX 199.00

hd SATA3 500.0 W.D 7200 16M WD5000AAKX BLEU $65.00

hd SATA3 500.0 W.D 7200 16M WD5000AAKX BLEU $65.00

motherboard S1155 ASUS P8Z77-V LX Z77 $145.00

optique DVD+/-RW LG GH24NS90 SATA DL 24X OEM NOIR $29.00


Ram KINGSTON KVR 1333MHZ DDR3 16GO KIT CL9 $85.00 16 gig of ram because i like to open toshop+illustrator at same time

videocard ASUS PCIE GF GTX650 DC 1024M BTE DDR5 129.00 i never worked dual screen but would like to try.

Please tell me is this overkill or is this cool. I like to play music or video while i work sometimes.

is i5 quad core really fine with me or i7 way better. i heard cpu is more important than gpu for what im doing. 2d work with some video editing and effects.

for the screen. if I can get a true colour 16bits would be great. like for 200$

i can work 5 hour straight on t he pc and i dont play games, i would like but always forget to. so games not important. and I need wireless connection too. so probably a router eh ?

Please let me know if this can be a good setup or could i even go lower, as not needing a steady state drive.

I think I could set up the computer my self if not i have to pay 200$ extra for the shop to do it but if they do it its sure to work and i get 2 year garantee and a windows 7 cd.

My sister can borrow me her windows 7 though and i want to try linux

is linux good to run cs5-cs6?