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Thread: Niquey's Kicking-Her-Butt-Into-Action Sketchbook

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    Smile Niquey's Kicking-Her-Butt-Into-Action Sketchbook

    PLEASE Check out most recent work on the LAST PAGE! Thank you!

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    Hey CA members who inspire me so much! I've been lurking for a short time now. I found this place through Matt Kohr from his website CtrlPaint. I've never been a part of a forum community before so please excuse my noobness.

    I'm having a hard time finding time to draw, but I really want to push myself to. I had done a hundred day streak of drawing everyday starting around July last year and ending in October, posting on Deviant Art, and I saw such amazing improvement in just 100 days. I floored myself and showed myself that I can, I Can, I CAN!!!1!!1!one. I plan on making it into a video to use to motivate myself, and even others who would care to watch, whenever I feel deflated.

    I found when I had made myself post to DA often, I was able to keep on a pace. The second I stopped posting there, my frequency fell off. So!! I'm hoping posting here will keep me accountable, at least that's what I hope. I also hope this sketchbook will one day be good enough to be a source of inspiration to other growing artists, as the current master artists are an inspiration to me.

    Finally!!! I really, REALLY appreciate critiques! The more constructive the better! lol

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    You can call me 多明 (duo ming) or Niquey, whatever you prefer

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    Just attaching a sketchbook icon

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    Critiques encouraged!

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