I'm a senior (plus a little...) at SCAD right now, with a focus in concept art for the game industry. Critique is always welcomed and desired! I'm really trying to improve as thoroughly as possible in order to catch up with where I need to be for the industry. I'm hoping to have a much stronger portfolio in time for GDC in March.

I'll start off with a scatter-shot of some of my work from the past year or so.

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I'm not much of a modeler, but I took a class this past year to learn so that I would have the skill at my disposal. These are the first two models I've made. I also did the texturing, though I had done a little bit of that before, years ago. I am going to be doing a lot more texturing in the next year or so as part of a game I'm beginning development on with a few other people.

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Thanks so much for looking, guys! If you'd like to see more, I have a much fuller swath of work up at my website.