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    Copyright infringement?

    If I...I mean, someone other than me was to paint a scene from a favorite movie in sort of a pop art style, and then go ahead and sell it, does that violate any copyright laws? And if so, how likely is it that this person would be caught or that the company would even care, and what penalties would he/she be facing?


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    Technically, it's illegal. The copyright holders own the rights to the images, scenes, characters, etc... The legallity of it is pretty unquestionable.

    That being said, whether or not they choose to do something about it is probably largely based on how you sell/market it. If you go about making prints and start selling them online and at galleries, etc.. in mass quantities, word will probably get around. If they're nice, they'll simply send you a cease and desist. If they're not feeling generous, they could sue you for damages.

    If you're just selling them at the local street mall or something, it's less likely they will care. We've all seen those street artists selling gobs of celebrity pictures. I can pretty much guarantee most of them are using copyrighted images as a basis for their drawings.

    But then again, movie companies usually have a bigger bankrole to go after copyright infringers than magazine photographers. So it's probably a risky business either way.

    Of course, I am not a lawyer. So take my advise with a very large grain of salt.
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