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    Question Anyone else ever had freakishly accurate horoscopes?

    Theres a motherload of horoscope sites out there, and although I'm nobody to say what's right or wrong; I do think they are mostly BS.

    I haven't tried reading my horoscopes since I was what.....14 maybe? I've have a very rough time since the beggining of august, and I'm stuck in a pretty unusual situation. I was taking a break from homework a few hours ago and I decided to tackle reading a horoscope or a few of them online, obviously not thinking much about it.

    The first site literally described my whole year, from january to date, describing weekly events just as they happened. I went on to look at a few more and found that they all said the same thing. Obviously, self indulgence and wishful thinking can convince oneself that these horoscopes do really predict one's future or dictate one's course in life at a given time, and I can assure I'm not one of them. Nevertheless, my 2012 year has been perfectly described, not only for me but for my partner too.

    I'm not discussing the validity of horoscopes, rather, just wondering if anyone else has had readings that are so accurate that it's somewhat unsettling

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    EVERYONE has a freakishly accurate horoscope:

    If yours was even more accurate than that, keep in mind what you say above: there's a motherload of horoscopes out there. And a motherload of people reading them. It would be very surprising indeed if some were not freakishly accurate, just as it would be very surprising if absolutely nobody's long lost cousin calls a minute after they thought of them for the first time in years.

    As you can see, just like all other Taureans, I don't believe in astrology. But to answer your question: no, I have never had a freakishly accurate horoscope.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SandyMan View Post
    Theres a motherload of horoscope sites out there, and although I'm nobody to say what's right or wrong; I do think they are mostly BS.
    Not just mostly, they are. And who's to say nobody's to say that horoscopes are wrong? They don't predict shit. Call me when it accurately predicts name, dates, details, circumstances, down to the dot and the t.

    The first site literally described my whole year
    Down to every. Last. Detail? Like how much money you spent on the 14th of March, how many joules of energy you consumed the next day, and what you happened to be doing on the 2nd Wednesday of April?
    I'm not discussing the validity of horoscopes, rather, just wondering if anyone else has had readings that are so accurate that it's somewhat unsettling
    To answer the question - no. But have I had eerie sets of coincidences? Yes, who hasn't? Literally countless exponential centillions of things and events happen all the time. What's a 1 in a million, compared to those odds?
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    I've had it happen to me a few times before, I just attributed it to coincidence and the Forer effect blogmatix linked to. ha What's really freaky deaky although is how I keep seeing repeating numbers everywhere; it's really starting to get to me too. 111, 10:10, 333, 555, 12:12 blaaaah!

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    Not to mention people's brains always register some things better than others, like for example when a person has an eerie feeling about going to a plane and based on that feeling, decides not to go to the plane and later hears that the plane got to an accident, that person is likely to see that as some sort of mystical intuition because their brains haven't really registered the ten thousand other times they had an eerie feeling about something, but nothing happened.
    I remember reading that that also relates to many of this sort of things (not necessarily to your horoscope OP, but others), where couple on-spot horoscopes will register stronger than the bazillion not-on spot horoscopes, leading the person to believe horoscopes are actually true and so on.
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    I read all the horoscopes for everybody and then pick the one I like best. This raises the freakish accuracy rate, although that does mean that I'm a different sign every week. But I figure... why be tied down to just one constellation? Next week I might try being a Camelopardalis, see how that works out for me.
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