Anyone interested in philosophy/politics/psychology?
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    Man you guys really just have a very, VERY US-American point of viewing things in here. And no Ill not elaborate on that, cause elaborating it will not make it any clearer than that.Aside from that I know these kinds of conversations, you guys have going here, in and out and they never, in the long history of internet (and offline as well) pseudo-intellectual discussions, ever worked out in any way or fashion ... I read quite a lot of your stuff ( given not all) but what I see here - and I know stating this never is a smart move cause people cant simply take this (I am no exclusion to that rule) - is just the usual people that " read some books" ... "crossed some interesting ideas" ...." got the grasp of something" but in the end you never really process all these things to real ends, most in here just scratch the surface of a million ideas and never really understand the complete underlying mechanics ...its a problem in our times that the part of the society that is young and sort of intellectual also is very impatient and impulsive these days.

    This impatience led to an erosion of thoughts that has reached dangerous levels some years ago and is getting worse, people more and more ( speaking of those that have the intellectual capacities to actually contribute) tend to rather DO things then take their time in silence and process things to some degree ....the outcome ? - Conversations like this - where in the end the real goal is not a discussion with the goal to enlighten oneself and/or others , to grow personal knowledge or to humbly accept that one might have weak spots where others might add something better then oneself has to offer . No in the end its one particular feeling that especially drives the motivation of people that start and/or add to the "subject" of said discusions - this feeling is not easy to describe: its a series of events that in the end only has the purpose to self-affirm oneself and to boost your own ego, people come in such threads and start to throw around names they heard, books they "read", papers they browsed and feel REALLY involved in the things, they get they feeling to really have a deep and thoughtful conversation going,making really strong points, but they simple dont. But they cant admit that to themselves nor to others.

    And right there we have the problem one EVER admits that this might actually be the incentive for most of this stuff, but this leads only to one thing , and this one thing only, that all that time you invest , all that effort is wasted, because what you got in the end is a bunch of half-cooked, shallow ideas mingled together in a fashion that doesnt really add to any of the existing problems and doesnt open up a new discourse. All you get is that nice feeling, a shot so to say, that feeling " damn ! today I made some really strong points, I am damn smart" and you settle with this, you are pleased and move on, waiting for the next opportunity. Not seeing that its actually just shallow.

    The real problem I have with such things is that I see the potential wasted and I dont actually get why people tend to act that way - maybe its our fast paced times, maybe the fact that its enough to get along and people tend to settle for mediocrity even if its mediocrity on a high level, but in the end its just wasted potential to really get your heads together and actually coming up with something that is more than just a bunch up stuff mingled together for the good feeling of " I have done something really smart" ...

    Really disappointing, thats what this whole situation is. And the most disappointing of it all is the fact that this probably aint gonna change any time soon . People simple cant take any criticism anymore when it comes to the most basic things they believe in, you say to them " I think all you have here is just really basic , half cooked, in parts even not that smart at all" ....and they instantaneously go " Fuck that dude, he knows nothing about me!" What I mean is ...people only value their own image of themselves today, every little umbrage of doubt expressed by anyone just gets rejected. ( again I myself have hardtimes with that, if at all I am just the smallest bit further , I aknowledge the fact - REALLY aknowledge - that I am that flawed and I try to catch myself when I act like that, but its still hard)

    Anyways keep mingling guys and gals. If it makes you feel good.

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