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    Audiobooks recommendations

    When I draw I like listening to music, but someone told me that audiobooks are great way to pass the time. I don't read much fiction but I would hope maybe to get some good audio books to listen to, as it may prove to provide inspiration.

    I have only ever listened to one audio book which was beastly, as I watched the film and didn't enjoy it much but quite liked the concept of the modern version of beauty and the beast and heard the book was alot better, it was ok, though I really liked the narration by Chris Patton.

    I also have got The Red Necklace as it is read by Tom Hiddleston, and though the narration is amazing, the story is a little slow, I will give it another chance though.

    So any recommendations?
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    Here's the previous audiobook thread, you might find some suggestions there:
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    You might be able to find a copy of "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield for free to download on the internet (I did a while back). Great book, especially for artists, and well worth the listen.

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    I love audiobooks. Since I discovered them I can get through a book a week, when before I would only read my text books, and 3 personal books on top maybe. It has been a month now, and I have already read Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow (Sci Fi), The Power of One (Fantastic South African Novel), Outliers (Book explaining the circumstances and finer details of success), and 3-4 Brian Tracey Business self help books.

    My favorite non-fiction book though is Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain. Audible has it. It is an amazingly sober look at evolutionary psychology at work, and how much our biology plays with our character. Do we even have a personality? What makes you YOU? Very very interesting book.

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