- Butt position, need crit (Anime/Comic-ish style)
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    - Butt position, need crit (Anime/Comic-ish style)

    I was drawing this, then at some point I realized maybe the butt was too high from behind, but once I moved it there then I wasn't sure. So, I'm looking for a critique for the butt's position.

    The art style is sort of a mixture between Anime & American comic styles, kind of my favorite elements from both. I really like the cleanness of the 2-3 tone anime art (base+shadow+highlight, very vector feeling), but the bit more realism with the more western style faces... so I figured that's what I'd go with.

    In general, the anatomy should probably be a bit unrealistic in terms of normal human standards, a little bit more akin to the stylized anime figures.

    I just drew some basic lines for reference on the image for a bit of a guide for better judgment: the top and bottom of the crack, and the bottom of the cheeks.

    The side and front is also there miniaturized down in the front for reference as well. And, you'll have to excuse the unfinishedness of the whole thing. Some lines a bit off or missing, the hair totally unfinished, etc.

    But if you could just point out which butt looks like it's in a more correct position, that'd be really helpful. Or if it should go somewhere else, I guess you could tell me that too!

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