Hi Keeptime.


Thank you for the credit. Forgive me if some of my pubs you want are work in progress. I have no choice at this point because that flare prediction thing that goes into 2014 still has some caveats. Right now I'm doing the imperical work more than concentrating on the thesis material and dessertations. The above is sci-fi, satire, romance. I'm writing it in my spare time, while refining the other work. Lot's on my plate and that's even an understatement. Right now, I'm into research, building apartments to rent and having some fun. Doctors have the right to some fun, too.

Puns? I like both the expanded and the nested form. Some, as in the latter, are implied and need the reader to stretch their imagination till they fall over the edge of the cliffhanger.

The thesis WIP? It involves vacuum fluctuation, the origins of the universe itself, the processes of time (Frames) and quite a bit more. Most mainstream scientists are not animators. Today, most animators aren't animators; computers are. The Big Bang guys have taken a representative slice of the FermiLab results that depict the initial expansion at 10^-43 seconds. If it ends there, so does the extent of the energy. When we blow up something out in the open, everything not constrained shoots out in an envelope with the vectors approaching infinity. They don't come back without some help. An atomic explosion differs only because the epicenter renders a vacuum so intense that the particles, the energy and what's in it's path are sucked back in. The Big Bang's failure resides within those two examples.

For now, I hope you'll have some fun with all those hippies and the Zeit Meisters with our heroes Lynda Chanel and Dr. Chamaillis. The Two Hot Tamales. I have part one uploaded as of now. Part two is WIP, but the whole book should be up and final edited by late November. I'm not a rich man, as is the case with many physicists. Low resolution complaints? Hook up an old monitor... I'm working at 1240 x 1000, I think. Those are CSS. I write PC apps, but I don't have time to go into net apps, java and all thaat yet.

'Nuff said.