Back to the idea of being a physicist that's an artist along with the whole shoebang.

I have done quite a bit of research over the years. My bag is astrophysics. I design stars in a sense. Why, when there are so many out there already? Something to do, I suppose. Mostly because that's always been my method of reverse engineering in forward. It works. It got me the title of Doctor. Works for me, but in reality it makes me a servant for everyone else including time.

Last year I came up with a method to predict solar flares with no more data than the positions of the planets. It has been accurate to within a few days of every one we've had this year except in maarch the flare I predicted came 10 days early. (The next one is predicted for the 15th of October...) I have them through 2014, so I'm letting it all bake, so to speak. While doing that I've been marking time writing a sci-fi novel (trilogy actually. One is already written...)

This is satire. This has a message about Global Warming and all we are experiencing now with quakes, and tornadoes, hhurricanes and volcanoes.

I'll illustrate it before it is actually made into both ebook and handbound book form.

Covers sell books. I'm realizing through interaction with many other up and coming (no pun intended) writers that most don't have the ability to do a cover. I'd like to hook artists up with the writers who need them, so I am essentially turning this handbound book idea into a publishing company.

The site is still under construction, but I'll take a look see at submissions from those who would like to work with these writers. Some of them have some great work that could become illustrated novels. Some you could envision in a Heavy Metal magazine.

This is a major concern, folks. I'm also planning to buy some mountain land in the not-too-distant-future. This site too is under construction. I'm doing all this in my spare time away from my regular research in alternative energy and other concepts that just might align with some of the minds in here.

In all that, my mission is to help people in general, but the artistic mindsets are, for me, kindred souls. I favor those, like me, who can simply paint a portrait or make things move across the paper. I have developed a theory of everything around the latter.

Thanx for checking me out.

Dr. C.