Art: Ex-lurker (acrylic and ink) Updated: first digital painting (artrage).
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Thread: Ex-lurker (acrylic and ink) Updated: first digital painting (artrage).

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    Ex-lurker (acrylic and ink) Updated: first digital painting (artrage).

    Hey all. I've been a lurker for a while now here and I've been thoroughly impressed with the level of art and C&C here.
    The whole forum just buzzes with an artistic static which makes me want to draw more. Lots of people here who make me want to throw away my sketchbook because they're just so damn good, but in the end it only makes me want to work harder to get there myself .
    I discoverd the forum only a week after the Amsterdam meeting, which is only an hour away from me :bash:. Ah well :/.

    Lurking as much as I do I though it's only fair to add some stuff of my own. These are all from the past year and I won't be revising them, but still C&C greatly apreciated.
    Planning on beeing more active on the boards now that I'm registred, so keep an eye out so that I might learn more .

    A mate from everquest requested me to make a forum sig for his Iksar Necromancer. The project grew way out of proportians and I ended up with this. A3 size, acrylic on paper.

    Two concept sketches done in ink, touch-ups with white paint.

    That's all for now, I'll see if I can conjure up some more to post if there's interest in it.

    edit: spelling, title update.

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