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    Dragon Illustration. Beginner. Tear me apart!

    Hey guys. Here's a Dragon painting I'm working on for a few days now.
    I'm in the beginning of concept art and illustration, so I'd like to hear hard critique and tips to get this painting done and to learn as much as possible with it.

    Basic thumb sketch and first WIPs, but I didn't like it and changed the dragon itself and the background, finally I decided to reduce the distracting background as you now can see it. But I don't want do confuse everybody showing the older WIPs.

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    The nose makes it look like his face is smushed in. Try moving the right nostril forward and pushing in the left so it is turned away from the viewer perspective more. The highlight on his backside doesn't make sense since there is no strong light. It also distracts the viewers eye from the focal point (the dragon head).

    If you are going to work in monochromatic black and monochromatic white, you must be consistent in this because it will sap your color you do use and look muddy.

    I recommend working in grisaille as a training method anyways.

    The highlight on the eye doesn't make sense with the horns being so shadowy and dull.

    He's a hairy fucker...take your time to learn how to paint fur and hair. Really study it.
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    Underlying forms in perspective are what need worked on here. I actually drew something this morning that may help you to start understanding how to start thinking properly.

    This is something that it’s taken me forever to finally grasp. Focus on the middle circle. With the other rods around it, your brain should fill in the hidden information below the center circle. Alternatively, you should be able 'sense' it as being flat on the ground. Either way is correct, but stare at it until your mind feels the rod below the center circle. Notice what part of your brain is activating during this time, and use this to think about your drawings.
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    Read up on atmospheric perspective. Distant objects appear less contrasting and saturated due to the air haze.

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    I think adding more of the dragon's tail to the image would help a lot. Right now it looks like he's just cut short at this big stub. If his body is really flying, it would be bending and swirling this way and that, not turn sharply away from us and then disappear.

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