Ok I have two macs at my work one is a imac 2011 or so and tehn a 2008 Mac pro with 12 GB ram. Both running 10.8.6 and Manga studio is not launching right its taking forever. I have a Mac mini with teh same program and It runs no problem. Its older then that Imac. and I even spilled a drink on it once. stuff It has weaker stats and runs the program no issue even when I tried to Over load it with programs open. at work we have CS5 on both these macs is that one of the issues?

The tech people At Smith Micro told me they think the computer is having resources being eaten up but my home computer had way more programs being used at a time and still no Manga slow down like I have at work.

Like its still loading and the icon stops bouncing and does not have the active indicator under it on.

So does any one know of any programs that messes with Manga studio because when we use safe boot the program launches just fine.

We are trying to install Version 4.2.2