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Thread: Simple Sketchbook

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    Simple Sketchbook

    Allo! I'm xKotu. owo

    I made a promise to myself that when the new concept art was finally up, I would finally get some lady balls and make a sketchbook. goes!

    Background info:
    I applied to Sheridan this past year for their animation program and didn't get in - honestly no surprise since I've never really had any formal teaching. It's been a few months since the rejection and looking back I feel like I was crazy to apply with the portfolio that I had. xD ( if anyone actually wants to see it...)

    After that I did a few minor art lessons here and there but I'm now enrolled for a back up course in a different field and there's not a lot of time to do real lessons any more because of conflicting schedules so...I'm going to try - and actually TRY - to improve this year on my own.

    I would love any feedback or critique anyone wants to throw my way. I want to improve and I think this is a good way to do so. ^^
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    Name:  Life Drawing1.jpg
Views: 772
Size:  150.7 KB
    First life drawing session - EVER. I thought I did pretty good even though I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to be focusing on when I drew. x:

    Name:  Life Drawing2.jpg
Views: 777
Size:  45.3 KB
    If I remember correctly, this was either a 15 minute or half hour pose during my second drawing session. I was trying this new technique that one of my teachers told me about with the whole carving it out.

    Name:  Life Drawing3.jpg
Views: 775
Size:  128.9 KB
    Another 15 minute (?) I believe.

    Name:  Shapes.jpg
Views: 761
Size:  156.8 KB
    Focused on shapes and the whole light/shadow thing.

    Name:  Still Life.jpg
Views: 1053
Size:  167.9 KB
    Still life drawing of stuffed animals. I was focusing more on getting a 3D feel out of it along with making the texture seem realistic. Of course, I didn't finish it. xD
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    sorry you got rejected and starting an sb is a very good way to improve but you have to put in the time too. anyways keep posting!
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    Hi there!

    Not too many works to have a better idea about your work, but for what i see i would recommend you to be more careful with the light source in your drawing.. i cant see from where the light came from in your models !

    Hope it helps you a little bit!
    Keep posting!!!


    - Claud
    · My DeviantArt
    · My Blog & Portfolio
    · RGB-Love - Design & Illustration Studio

    >> My CA SketchBook

    (Someone learning, Comments & Critiques are always welcome! =))
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    Hello there!

    Glad to hear that you decided to continue art and start a sketchbook here.
    If you're still interested in animation stuff, Richard Williams The animator's survival kit (book & dvd) was one
    that my teacher really praised and I found the book very useful to understand the basics of animation.
    I'm not animator myself, but did one basic course.

    Also there are a lot of figure and gesture drawing tools in the vast space of internet, for example
    which you might already heard of.

    I'd love to see some more anatomy studies, the start is very promising. Good luck and keep on going!
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    Wow I wasn't really expecting to get responses so quickly. xD
    Thanks everyone for their comments. ^^

    Thanks Kevin. Going to try to squeeze in as much time for art as I can. >_<

    I'll try to work on that Claude. :]

    I'll see if I can find that kit some time. I actually have a site like posemaniacs that I found a week or so back. ^^ I'll post up some of my sketches from there in a sec.


    Scratch that. The forums hate me right now. Tried three different times to upload after adjusting all of the files and it just keeps coming up wonky and straight up refuses to upload properly. :s I'll try it tomorrow. :3
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    WOO I got it to work! Here's a few drawings that have kind of built up over the last few weeks or so. :3

    Name:  Staircase Study.png
Views: 748
Size:  398.1 KB
    I found some video tutorial on how to draw a spiral staircase and...that was really confusing to do. owo But I have a better understanding of it now so I plan on trying it again some time without having a video paused at every step. xD

    Name:  Room Study.png
Views: 781
Size:  395.9 KB
    Simple room study. The room drawing component on my portfolio was one of my weakest points so I'm trying to work on it. x:

    Name:  Life Drawing8.png
Views: 754
Size:  396.6 KB

    More life drawing. This was from an art pose site thing. I know I should be drawing from life versus photos, but since I'm not doing an art class any more I can't go to their life drawing sessions on the weekend. >_> Gotta find a new place to go so until then, I'm stuck with this. :s

    Name:  Life Drawing6.png
Views: 696
Size:  414.2 KB
    More life drawing.

    Name:  Life Drawing5.png
Views: 704
Size:  406.1 KB
    I stuck this one in because I liked the hand drawing. Gotta work on that too. :3

    Name:  Life Drawing4.png
Views: 682
Size:  416.2 KB
    More life drawing, but quicker poses I believe.

    Name:  Hand Drawing.png
Views: 684
Size:  390.0 KB
    Another hand drawing, trying to figure out how to best approach showing the structure and stuff. :s

    Name:  Ballerina Poses.png
Views: 1381
Size:  396.0 KB
    Quick ballerina drawings. Not very fond of them but I started with this before finding the art pose website so eh.

    Name:  Anatomy Study.png
Views: 674
Size:  414.2 KB
    Anatomy studyish. Also uncertain if I'm approaching this properly. :I

    Name:  Effect Study.png
Views: 640
Size:  458.2 KB
    This was a quick exercise I did that ended up looking pretty good in my opinion. xD Sorry that they're overlapping a bit, I didn't actually expect to work on it like I had.

    Name:  Awkward Robot.png
Views: 656
Size:  351.7 KB
    Character design for a teen cartooning class that I took. I'll show the final product in my next post hopefully.

    Name:  Movement Poses.png
Views: 656
Size:  336.8 KB
    The teacher in the cartooning class handed out some photocopies that had interesting poses so I drew the first two poses the way that it had instructed me to and then doodled the one on the very bottom from my own imagination. :]
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    Quick update. :]

    Name:  Scooter.jpg
Views: 634
Size:  42.9 KB
    Drew a scooter from reference.

    Name:  Scooter Design.jpg
Views: 616
Size:  43.2 KB
    Attempted to modify it with a more futuristic style.

    Name:  Final Robot.jpg
Views: 639
Size:  62.9 KB
    Final result of my cartooning class. This is a title page for a mini cartoon design "Scrap Metal Hero." c:
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    I finally finished my second portfolio attempt for Sheridan. I'm going to upload it now for critiques and do it in segments since I keep getting errors when I try to upload it altogether. Critiques and comments are appreciated!
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    Life Drawings

    Name:  1 Life Drawing One.jpg
Views: 525
Size:  458.0 KB

    Name:  2 Life Drawing Two.JPG
Views: 503
Size:  283.3 KB

    Name:  3 Life Drawing Three.JPG
Views: 528
Size:  253.5 KB

    Animal Drawings

    Name:  4 Animal Drawing One.jpg
Views: 521
Size:  440.4 KB

    Name:  5 Animal Drawing Two.jpg
Views: 535
Size:  436.4 KB
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    Hand Drawings

    Name:  6 Hand Anticipation.jpg
Views: 495
Size:  475.8 KB

    Name:  7 Hand Action.jpg
Views: 493
Size:  485.4 KB
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    Name:  8 Character Rotation Front View.jpg
Views: 500
Size:  410.7 KB

    Name:  9 Character Rotation 34 View.jpg
Views: 479
Size:  422.3 KB

    Name:  10 Character Rotation Side View.jpg
Views: 487
Size:  323.6 KB

    Name:  11 Character Rotation 34 Back View.jpg
Views: 479
Size:  290.6 KB

    Name:  12 Character Rotation Back View.jpg
Views: 501
Size:  270.3 KB

    Name:  13 Action Pose Flag Pole.jpg
Views: 517
Size:  289.6 KB

    Name:  14 Action Pose Sword Stance.jpg
Views: 586
Size:  304.8 KB

    Name:  15 Expression Sheet.jpg
Views: 465
Size:  507.9 KB

    Name:  16 Character Expression Neutral.jpg
Views: 460
Size:  405.4 KB

    Name:  17 Character Expression Angry.jpg
Views: 454
Size:  430.6 KB

    Name:  18 Character Expression Happy.jpg
Views: 463
Size:  525.3 KB

    Name:  19 Character Expression Sad.jpg
Views: 472
Size:  505.6 KB

    Name:  20 Character Expression Surprised.jpg
Views: 442
Size:  346.2 KB

    That's all for today. Everything else seems to be acting up on me so I'll fix that later. :I
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    Name:  21 Storyboard.jpg
Views: 467
Size:  381.9 KB

    Object Drawings

    Name:  26 Object Before.jpg
Views: 419
Size:  495.1 KB

    Name:  27 Object After.jpg
Views: 479
Size:  478.4 KB

    Room Drawings

    Name:  28 Room Drawing Observational.jpg
Views: 416
Size:  366.6 KB

    Name:  29 Room Drawing POV.jpg
Views: 428
Size:  336.9 KB

    Personal Artwork

    Name:  30 Personal Artwork One.jpg
Views: 425
Size:  461.6 KB

    Name:  31 Personal Artwork Two.jpg
Views: 425
Size:  477.3 KB

    Name:  32 Personal Artwork Three.jpg
Views: 404
Size:  408.2 KB

    Name:  33 Personal Artwork Four.jpg
Views: 399
Size:  368.1 KB

    Name:  34 Personal Artwork Five.jpg
Views: 406
Size:  465.7 KB
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