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    Quick update

    Name:  20130119.jpg
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    hey!! :]
    hooray congrats on reaching the third page lol XD
    nice studies that cloud painting.... your skills in painting are getting better
    the torso studies are a bit rough but nevertheless keep up your persistence
    the sitting fat guy looks quite believable.
    id suggest you to add a bit more shadows to the torso at the bottom centre of the page and the torso at the top right with the open arms as they look shadow less which makes them look flat on paper . i hope it helps
    good job on the hands studies they look good to me and i cant really give you any suggestion on those coz i myself need to learn to draw hands properly XD

    keep up the good work
    and i'll be waiting for more updates!!
    oh and a good day to you miss

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    Aug 2011
    Haifa, Israel
    Congrats on your third page too!

    I can definitely see you're improving from each update so know you're on the right track

    Free for commissioned work
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    Xcarbon Big thanks for the help! I will do. Thanks again for helping me. I can sometimes be abit blind when it comes to my own practise and wow about your update! Fucking awesome!!!

    MeteorCat Thanks alot!

    Time to sleep. Did a quickie before bed.

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    thats a quickie??
    that would take me hours ...specially because its color and not just black and white values
    i like those small details on the orange [specular highlights]
    and the reflective surface of shaker and the reflection its getting off of the orange its so cool
    also i like how youve improved on the contrast ratio this one has a believable amount of lights and darks good job
    keep up the good work :]

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    Xcarbon well I consider that to be a quickie since I know I can spend more time with it but I just lost excitement for that. was around or a little under an hour
    Thank you its hard but really fun to learn. Thanks alot, who knows were we both are at in the end of this year. Im looking forward to it for sure, both for me and you

    This is a WIP, dont know how long time, have just been sitting with it shorter periods of time over some days because I have just been so exhuasted from my work lately. Took whatever I could find at home

    Name:  20130126.jpg
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  8. #67
    NICE... love the contrast in this one
    u paint better metals than me [but then again im just a noob at actually PAINTING]
    but i love that metallic surface reflecting everything in front of it!!
    the table seems a bit rough though
    good work and KEEP 'EM COMING

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    Dec 2012
    I come from a land down under
    Wow some really top-notch studies in here! Personally love the girl in red and environment studies
    Keep it up, you're doing great!

    I'll be here with the Daggers for the rest of my art journey.
    Keep pushing people, let us be great together-!
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    Xcarbon Sorry for my abscense. Been working some and just been so smashed after work. Thank you for your feedback, u are totally right, the table is really rough got tired of it. But metal is tricky for me and you are not a noob Just a person who keeps develop your skill. that is far from being a noob imho

    smrrfette Thank you Really appreciate it!

    some shitty effort this week. but anyway a small update.

    Name:  20130205.jpg
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    Name:  20130206.jpg
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  11. That still life is looking lovely so far, great color relationships and reflections! I really liked the traditional media stuff you posted early on too, I would love to see more of that if you still do that. Anyway, keep up the good work!

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    ClockworkLives Thank you! Not a bad feedback at all, Ive just been leaning towards the digital medium and photoshop because I feel like I need to learn alot about handling the program. But working more with traditional should help me alot too Thank you!

    hands from a mirror.

    Name:  20130212.jpg
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  13. #72
    thanks for saying nice things lol

    i like those gestures!! specially the smexy one in the middle right to be honest i think if you do these everyday you will see improvement very quickly [i think you will start to see improvement in just 3 or 4 days thats how good they look to me]
    but remember you have to keep up the pace!!
    and i know it is hard to do... specially after work......[most of the sketches/gestures i do are done at work whenever i find free time coz i know once i reach home i dont know what mood will i be in ]
    and nice work on the painting .... i think one thing that is missing is a bit of atmospheric fog in the distance [i hope this makes sense] you see the castle/buildings far away look like they are behind some fog but the water just below them looks very saturated i hope this helps below is the image what i could do in 30 if you used a reference maybe the fog might have not been in the reference but its just my opinion that without the fog the feeling of distance is lost.
    hope it helps :]

    Name:  20130206.jpg
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    oh nice work on the hands ..... apparently when i was replying to the previous posts you posted something new lol
    those look good maybe i should try the mirror myself !!

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    Sep 2008
    Long Island, New York.
    I need to do some studies of hands. no critiques here otherwise, keep on drawing and making mistakes. nobody ever got good at something by learning it "properly" expect the pitfalls and strive to be better.


    Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Nobody made good art by coloring in between the lines.
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    Dec 2008
    Farnborough, UK
    Hey Nina thanks for stopping by my sketchbook. I think you are doing really well also especially as you are feeling so tired after work. I know that feeling myself and it isn't easy to draw or paint. I think you have done a really good job on the saucepan with the reflection of the onion and garlic. Your digital paintings are really improving.

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    Xcarbon Thank you for your great feedback! Looks like I have a problem with atmosphere ^^ but thanks for reminding me of it. The paintover is gorgeous and I cant really understand how u improved that picture with just 30 sec High five and thank you!
    Thanks for the encuragement, I do need to do gestures practise and Ill jump at it cant say thank you enough for the help! Thank you thank you thank you ^^
    U motivates me alot and I hope I can repay that
    Yes if you have access to a mirror, do it I did some hands from photos but in my opinion, doing it from your own hand rocks and made hand practise even more fun

    AoenPhoenix Thank you! Ill do that and good luck on the hands If I can motivate a fellow CA member to do something, Im really happy.

    MarianRowling Thanks for stopping by mine too I struggled with the saucepan and onions but in the end I really enjoyed it.
    Thank you and keep painting yourself

    some update, its rough but was fun doing,

    Name:  20130215-.jpg
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    hey im happy to help :].......all i did was take a soft round brush with opacity jitter and run it across the horizon line then erase the whiteness in front of the trees = 30 seconds!! High five back XD

    im liking the new painting the mood is well done gives out the feeling of cold yet hot temperatures..... this reminds me of skeletor's base from He-man.
    good work!! dont really have much to critique ........the mountains in the back look good...they have feeling that they are far away.
    keep up the good work.....and hey post your self portrait lol

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    Oh! He-man! my brothers and I used to watch that cartoon and they also had some toys like skeletors castle. I remember ditching barbie to He-man because I loved the cartoons so much
    Didnt have that in mind at all when I painted except that I wanted to mix cool with very hot temperature colors

    Just gotta link this for some nostalgia

    I have dont a self portrait before in black and white on page one Post 14, the first portrait But I tried some colors and meh, not happy and Im not so sure if its alike. but ah well here it is.

    Name:  20130220-copy.jpg
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  20. #79
    You should be bolder and messier with your brushstrokes, 'cause it will makes spotting shapes and forms easier, then you can ease them/go over with lower opacity/pressure. It will also give you better color variations.
    I also like that you already have a nice sense of lighting, and i adore that it's very bright, but not overexposed. I think your sense of lighting will help you loads when you getting into extreme photorealism, if that's somewhere you want to go with your style. Also, umm, if you have Cs5 try using the mixer brushes on dry and wet, they really help with getting textured but smooth rends-and they are like oils so its nice.

    Btw, you look cute!

    My sketchthing
    If i don't reply to questions on others sketchbooks, send me a message. I'm very scatterbrained
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    Jan 2013
    Helsinki, Finland
    Liking those still lifes earlier this page! See how you have so strong contrasts and sense of lighting early on, even though the shapes are not polished yet. That's what makes them look good, since the value and light is generally correct. You should aim for similar effect in your environments too, just pick a light source and light your objects, be it palm trees or mountains, like you would light an apple on a table. And paint it the same way, boldly. Like suggested above, you should aim to have more variation in your color - in reality there's a tremendous color variety everywhere. Learning to simplify that in a way that is not chaotic but still realistic should be your goal. Anyway, good luck, keep painting!

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  22. #81
    LoudLikeNature said pretty much all ... lol
    oh and nice to see you
    ahhh i see..... i did saw post 14 but i didnt read the text at that time .... so i tought it was a study of some random person ..sorry
    i dont know how much of the painting looks like the real you....but the face looks quite believable. so be proud of it!! :]

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    May 2010
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    May 2004
    Phoenix, AZ
    love your still lifes. they're making you level up so fast!

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    Your work has gotten a notch better since you've worked the contrast more.
    Great job with those last envos and the still life wip from post 66 is really good!
    I'd like to see that one finished.

    Good luck with your studies,



    Danny_K Icecold

    "Good artists are the crappy artists who never gave up!!"
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    Mar 2004
    Montreal, Canada
    Hi Nina, I love your life studies it's so great to see another girl in the sketchbook section! Keep up the great work

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  27. #86
    First off, wow I gotta thank you all for the nice feedback you all have given to me. really big
    Have been inactive the last week or over that since I had some sickness and lots of other issues came in the way. So big thank you all, cheered me up alot.

    LoudLikeNature Thank you! You are absolutly right and I do have some problems with it, I dont want to go into extreme photorealism even tho I think thoose who do that are incredible amazing. Yeah I have cs5 havent tried thoose but will play with thoose abit Thank you alot

    R-K Thank you, I do have loads to learn about values and edges but Im trying to make it as simple as I can even tho most of the time I screw things off and make it more complicated than it should ^^
    Thank you for that tip on lightning. I appreciate it alot.

    Xcarbon Dont be sorry about that I missed a few things too in your SB and u cant really keep track of all posts Thank you you be proud of yourself too. looking back at the newest post u made. f-cking awesome

    snatti Thanks for the push I will

    MattGamer Still lifes are fun sometimes and sometimes they are less fun but thank you

    BlackDelphin Thank you, its hard to notice difference in your own work so thank you for mentioning the contrast. I had loads of fun and I hope to improve even more, the still life I dont think will be finished im affraid. I had to take the items away because there wasnt enough space for me to keep them on the place. When I did post I had in mind that I should go back to it but time ran out and I had to rearrange abit. But it was fun and I bet I can make more still lifes

    demeter_luna Hey and thank you Its great to hear from another girl too Thank you so much for your comment!

    Big hug to you all!

    Gestures from reference
    Name:  20130305copy.jpg
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Size:  154.8 KB
    Some still life
    Name:  20130306.jpg
Views: 104
Size:  175.2 KB
    Something for fun, abit warcrafty ^^
    Name:  20130308.jpg
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  28. #87
    A pity that still won't be retouches, but like you said, there will be more!
    That new still life that you posted, the base of the bowl seems a bit small, and
    a bit to far towards the left. Also, the horizon line near the package is fuzzy.
    Perhaps concentrate more on the basic refines, try to keep them tidy looking.

    Thank you for your visit as well, and keep getting better and better,
    and happy woman's day!



    Danny_K Icecold

    "Good artists are the crappy artists who never gave up!!"
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  29. #88
    i like those gestures.... i like the way you're making those lines .. the curve lines and the straight ones .. your line look much more confident!!

    and the still life is *as always* awesome!! do you always set them up in your home??
    those dragons look cool ...abit loose but still awesome!!
    if dragons intrest you then you should watch this
    "Paint a pair of dragons with Ubisoft's Remko Troost"
    the way he paint dragons is freaking fantastic.... he makes everything from scratch ... makes his own textures, brushes and also setting the flow of the brush to direction to create awesome horns

    keep up the good work!!
    i wanna se some more awesome dragons

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    Aug 2009
    some pretty cool color studies you did there, and also your landscapes are getting better.
    keep up the good process.

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  31. #90
    Try it! im looking forward to see what you can do with them mixer brushes!

    My sketchthing
    If i don't reply to questions on others sketchbooks, send me a message. I'm very scatterbrained
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