Hello everyone,

I'm a girl from Lithuania who's finishing her BA degree in political science (yes, i know, very related to arts). All the time I was interested in arts, but chose a completely different field for my future studies. After 4 years at the university and in an art school, too, I realized that I would like to choose a second BA degree, in graphics.

I would like to find a place which offers good quality studies for which I don't have to pay (except for maybe symbolic fees) in a language I can speak (english, german, norwegian) with not too difficult entrace examinations. I guess I don't want too much

So I was thinking about Norway (particularly Bergen, or maybe Oslo, too). Maybe someone has any ideas how's the situation there?

Also maybe Germany and Austria. If you have some experience or have heard something about places there, could you share it with me? I would be very grateful

Of course I use internet and I collect the information, but it's always very interesting to hear from people who may know much more than I do.

Thank you very much in advance.