Hello all! First, here is an animation I completed about 2 weeks ago called "Birds".

This was animation to test out doing sound design, and simply put, just finishing up and following through on a simple story idea. Hand drawn, took about 2 months to do.


Current Project:

"House"(Pending Ttitle)

I was sitting around with my friend one day, and we lamented that neither of us had seen an animation in 2d that had a scary or horrific element too it, that was believable, one of the many reasons being that digital colors are much more vivid and bright, and that creating a setting that feels believable is part of the fear. So I sought out to try an attempt at something vaguely suspense, creepy, horror related. In doing so, I tried something new with how I come up with the story. For this piece Im simply coming up with story as I go, creating a rough, slightly animated storyboard to showcase before I do the real thing. As such, as much as I have storboarded, is as much as the audience, myself and everyone knows so far! We'll see how this goes.., stay tuned. For now, here is a couple scenes storyboarded so far: