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Thread: E.O.W Round #196: Train Station (any genre)

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    Hi guys I'm kinda new here. Great ideas everywhere, My is not to original Hopefully its not to late to submit
    foofoo: cooool work!
    Name:  trainst04fla02.jpg
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    The earth has become uninhabitable and the humankind have been forced to start a new civilization underneath the surface. Using whales as trains people are traveling across the vast oceans to visit the few human populations left underwater.

    I know that I am very late. Hope that I can participate anyway.

    Name:  unicornmadness_Eow196_TrainStation.jpg
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    Gah can't figure out the colors so I guess this is my final.

    It was a cold autumn night. Far away from the busy downtown streets of Fulcrum city, the crane operators of station 17 were busy discharging yet another freight train arriving from the wastelands.

    Name:  EOW_196_final.jpg
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    A creative artist works on his next composition because he is not satisfied with his previous one. When he loses a critical attitude toward his own work, he ceases to be an artist. - Dmitri Shostakovich
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    Great work guys! Seriously f-cking awesome!
    I want to go there and hang out.
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    Well I too ran out of time but I figured I'd post what I had, not to enter or anything. (Last time I submitted something that looked like this, it got like 3 votes, hah.)

    Anyway, I made this part of the world I'm developing, where the planet has a natural water pressure from underground oceans. This water is "pumped" through the planet due to gravitational stretching. People use "hydropipe trains" to harness the water pressure to push encapsulated cars through elevated tubes. This is a station for boarding the tubes.

    The ceiling is part of an acrylic solar technology, that's why it's faceted and looks the way it does.

    I'll probably update in the next day or so to see if I can squeeze out something a little more polished.

    By the way, great entries everyone! This one is rockin'!

    Name:  Zirngibism_EOW196_WIP.jpg
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    (I might submit something as final later if I get happy with it in a few hours if I get a second wind - Vulgar's call since it's now the 4th in all time zones.)
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    yatzenzi - looks great!

    this will be my final most likely
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    Great entry Zirn, i love the concept behind the image. But it could be interesting to see some more of the boarding process Nice color palette and setting! Although the person and structure in the foreground is a bit too much of a distraction in my opinion. I want to see more of the station instead Keep it up!
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