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    How'd I get away from that?

    I am used to be on computer for 7 hours or more, never felt anything wrong.
    But today I've spent this time just painting on tablet, and felt very dizzy. Yesterday I didn't spent so much time painting, was something like 4 hours, and didn't felt bad.
    Do you guys have any idea why this happens? I really don't want stop painting because of that.

    Thank you

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    I'd advise making a change in your work habits. Make
    an effort to get up and move around every half hour
    or so and drink lots of water. Stay away from refined
    sugars and fatty food.

    Despite the conditions put upon us, human beings
    were not meant to spend hours on end sitting down
    in one position and staring at electronic displays.

    Having said all that though, we are not doctors. If
    you are feeling unwell, you should consult a GP.

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    Yeah, well you see... I started to feel like that about 6 weeks ago.
    I'm an animation student, so I'm at a computer for 6-15 hours a day really... Anyway, turns out I needed glasses... So, here I am, $400 later, and I now have glasses... Joy.

    Could also be lack of sleep? I usually have 4-6 hours sleep a night, I need more, but my workload doesn't really fit in with sleep... There needs to be more hours in a day.

    Could also be an iron deficiency? Last year i used to get tired/dizzy a lot, went to the docs and had some blood tests, I was low in iron, so yeah... It could be a whole bunch of things.

    Just make sure that you rest your eyes, have a 3 min break looking away from the screen every now and then, hell, even go for an eye test. never know... For all I know, you might already have glasses?
    Ever just woken up and gone "shit, does the world around me exist"?

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    Lots and lots of things can make you dizzy... Lack of sleep, poor nutrition, poor circulation, etc. Or you could have migraines. Or vision trouble. Or you could be sick.

    Goodness knows I've brought all kinds of physical problems on myself from bad habits, including dizziness and confusion. If it's dizziness caused by bad habits (and not by something serious like a disease,) things that can help are:

    1. Eat good food, and eat it regularly. Make sure you're getting a good range of vitamins and minerals. Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks. You might have to experiment to see what helps you. Things that helped me after my last post-crunch physical meltdown were lots of fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens like spinach and kale, plenty of protein and calcium (meat, fish, eggs, nuts, dairy,) and some iron rich snacks like figs and dates.

    2. Don't sit for extended periods! This is really important. Get up and move around periodically, stretch, try to allocate a decent chunk of time for some kind of exercise everyday. Maybe get a sit-stand desk and alternate between sitting and standing while you work.

    3. Try to get your sleep, if possible... Being caught up on sleep makes you more focused and efficient anyway, so you can get more done in less time.

    4. And don't forget to drink plenty of liquids. Preferably something not too sugary.

    5. Oh, and brush your teeth. Don't do what I did last year and put off flossing because of deadlines. That'll come back to bite you in the form of expensive dentist bills...

    Oh, and if you're behaving yourself but STILL keep getting dizzy, then you might want to see a doctor. Definitely.

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    Yes, I use glasses, have 3 degrees of myopia, that can be too the . Anyway, thank you for the advices, I will follow them.

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    I used to faint a lot - I had low blood pressure. It's taken years of eating salt, drinking and smoking to get it up to normal.
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