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Thread: Team Challenge FINALS THREAD

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    Team Challenge FINALS THREAD

    Deadline extended to Sunday, September 2!

    Post your final entry in this thread.

    In order to qualify, you must post the following:

    a. A list of the members in your team as well as the team name.
    b. A link to your team's thread.
    c. A final image for each of your final pieces. Remember that:
    Teams of 2 must choose at least 3 items.
    Teams of 3 must choose at least 4 items.
    Teams of 4 must choose at least 5 items.
    Teams of 5 must choose at least 6 items.
    d. A final single image which represents your team's work. This image will represent your team on the upcoming voting thread. It should include each of your final pieces in some way (they don't have to be full shots); try to arrange it attractively.
    e. A paragraph (length is up to you) describing the story behind your images.

    If a mod could sticky this thread that would be lovely.

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    All out of bubblegum

    Team: All out of bubblegum.
    Members: Rotor & Obstfelder
    Our WIP's
    Final images: Character, Creature, Enviroment
    Name:  HomelandGuardian_Character_TeamBubblegum.jpg
Views: 329
Size:  449.9 KB
    Name:  monkeymanIII.jpg
Views: 319
Size:  524.7 KB
    Name:  enviro4.jpg
Views: 324
Size:  286.8 KB
    Name:  ElementsComped.jpg
Views: 324
Size:  133.3 KB

    The story: In the snow covered north live a hardy tribe of humans. Their ancient conflict with the snow apes have led both tribes to the brink of destruction many times. Over the centuries their war have become ritualized and now a champion is chosen from both sides to battle at the dueling grounds each year. The winning champion is titled guardian of the land and custodian of the peace between the two tribes.

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    Tredminsters of the Brushymarsh

    Team Name: Tredmisnters of the Bushymarsh

    Final Team Members:

    Rob Powell


    Name:  tredminsterofbrushymarsh_teambanner.jpg
Views: 276
Size:  398.3 KB
    The Story: On the planet Yulium, Yuliari are the natives living the bounties of the Lord, Guarded by the Guardian of the Yulium. The guardian lies dormant within the Yuliari shrine. Whenever the Yuliari colony is under threat, scouting creatures will emerge from under the planet's surface to awaken the guardian.

    Name:  yulium guardian.jpg
Views: 278
Size:  281.7 KB
    Name:  yulium enviro.jpg
Views: 273
Size:  433.2 KB
    Name:  yulium thumbs.jpg
Views: 276
Size:  472.5 KB
    Name:  Yulium Creature copy.jpg
Views: 270
Size:  262.5 KB
    Name:  yulium guardian weapon.jpg
Views: 266
Size:  222.4 KB

    Sidenote: I do realise it might be a little late, but I figured I may as well post this anyways (also thanks to sony for reminding me). Hopefully the Team Challenge can get up and running again without any unfortunate interruptions, due to unexpected site maintenance. It was a worthwile experience to collabarate with some of my peers on this site, and I feel it would be worth the effort to give it another shot! with the right push this could become one of the busiest challenges on the site, if you notice how much interest there was! Either way good luck to all of you, with your plans for the future!

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    Art is not about competing against others and being better than everyone else, but it is about competing against yourself and discovering your greatest potential!

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