Newbie WIP looking for painting techniques
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Thread: Newbie WIP looking for painting techniques

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    Smile Newbie WIP looking for painting techniques

    Hello. I'm a newcomer to the digital painting world. I've tried my hand at photoshop twice now, doing cell shading. This third time now- I did digital painting(CS5). Unfortunately I only know how to select stuff, color picker/colors, layering and using the mixer brush for painting. (all as used in pic below) There is some layer opacity adjustment and some masking was tried but I still can't get that part. Oh and I do know how to change the brush and its size. Also, I know some proportions need to be adjusted like the shoulder and knees; as well there is supposed to be all base colors and a shadow. All will be fixed. Currently I'm working on the pants, that should be colored like the gloves. Nothing is referenced, all freestyle.

    In short, I want to know how to add to this. To improve going about painting it. Its not a fullwork, just a character sheet. I just sorta jumped in.

    What I know I need to know:
    *painting using layered opacity of colors, don't mix/blend. (I have just set my pen to be pressure sensitive, but the current work is without it.)
    *how to apply textures... subtly- ie clothes, skin, etc
    *how to mask properly
    *what layer options like 'multiply' or 'screen' do

    AND whatever else you know, that I don't. :d (that a beginner can do?) I don't know 'em so I can't name 'em! Xd

    I have a list of tutorials I have to watch to improve in painting, learn basics and whatnot. For now, I just want some specific techniques to apply so I can finish up this piece, not be embarrassed and start my digital painting training.

    Can anyone help me please? It would be much appreciated

    Name:  Camille color WIP1.jpg
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