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    Newbie starting out on a path to bodacious..nuss *need some pointers

    Hi guys - newbie here!

    I'm Charlie, I'm 20, I live in London, I've always been interested in art since a young age and with the inspiring nature of this website and the lending of a tablet from an old friend I've discovered my true love for it.

    So up until 3 or 4 days ago I've had no clue what I was going to be doing for a living, but now that this burning passion has reared its beautiful face I know I want, no, need to be an Illustrator / Concept artist.

    I have no formal training in art but hope to be going to art school next year.

    My aim until then is to learn and practice as efficiently as possible (main topics being anatomy, life drawing and anything else you guys can suggest)
    I'm aiming to do 1 painting a day, I've attached my first 2.
    (I want to be as efficient as possible in my studies and so I realise that spending for ever on pieces like these is not gonna help me so much, hence my post here.

    So if I could get some advice on how to make the most of practice that would be great, maybe some techniques and ideas of what to draw / paint would be great!
    With some help from you guys I'd like to make every day as productive as possible before going to art school and stay an active member of the community for the rest of my artistic career.

    Thanks a bunch,
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    So, you’ve only been painting for about 4 days? Damn. Do you also have “inborn talent” stamped on your forehead? My first paintings were nothing short of a mud. Don’t misunderstand me. These aren’t masterful by any stretch of the imagination, but for someone starting out… it’s pretty freaking good.
    Here are a couple of links that ought to keep you busy for awhile.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the reply and links man! really appreciate it! I'll take a look at them now.
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