Sketchbook: A n00b's journey to the art of painting/drawing
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    Wink A n00b's journey to the art of painting/drawing

    Hello artists! I'm David, 17yo photographer, musician and programmer from Croatia. Around the web I'm known as Fricetix.
    Sorry for the wall of text below, it's a story how I got into the artistic life. You can skip it if you want.

    This thread will be my road to become a decent concept artist in gaming/movie industry. (Environments and characters mostly)

    I got introduced to art world way back when I was like 12 or something. I saw some sick fantasy paintings and I wanted to be able to make such stuff but my passion quickly died. I started to draw but I wasn't motivated enough so I practiced pretty rarely. Fast forward to 2011 (16yo), I got my first camera and fell in love with photography. Over the time I took photos every day and spent every second of my time getting books and studying the actual art of photography, like camera technical stuff, composition, light, etc. I can pretty much say I mastered photography (some ppl say it's impossible to master any art form, but I think it is and I'm pretty close) and if you want you can check out my current portfolio here:
    This is also where I'll post my finished paintings/drawings when I get better.

    Anyways, looking for some used film cameras, I found an ad for a Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium size tablet. I immediately called the dude and my tablet arrived few days after (a month ago). I got hooked! It was epic feeling to draw on it

    So here I am learning from every possible source I can get my hands on
    I got a few books on drawing and this guy helped me a ton with his epic videos: MoatDD on YT

    Let's start with art!

    And here is a peach on a chair lit by a single lamp:
    Name:  23082012-peach.jpg
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    Ignore the green background.

    I'll usually draw/paint every day (both digital and with pencils) so I believe I'll update this thread every day but I'll do it at least every two days.

    So, thanks for reading and enjoy your day.
    Peace, David

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